Raksha Bandhan Whatsapp Wishing Pro Script

Dosto Har Kisi Ko Paise kamane Ki Chahat hoti hai Jaise aap logo ko hai mujhe Hi Har Kisi Ko hoti hai isi liye ek naye tarike Katha running plan hai Jaise Apne Dekha Hoga whatsapp Pe Kai tarike se festival wishes Aate Hain Har Koi Tohar Aane Se Pehle festival wishes Aate Hain aur […]

Top 5 best smartphone under 20000 in 2018

If you have a budget of 20000 and you want to buy the best phone in 20000 rupees with a good display good processor and great battery and with 6gb Ram so I have five option for you can compare every device which each other and find a good phone for you. There are 5 […]

Oppo Find X With Camera Slider, 3D Face Unlock Launched, 8GB RAM, Price, Specifications

काफी दिनों से कई बातें निकल कर आ रहे हैं  Oppo Find X में ही होगा या फिर यह होगा लेकिन आज फाइनली हैं  Oppo Find X लॉन्च हो गया ग्लोबली फोन के अंदर जो हाईलाइट फीचर है वह है इसका कैमरा यूनिक मोटर कैमरा यूज़ किया गया है उन्होंने दावा किया है  स्लाइड  pops […]

How To Fill Invalid Activity Form For Disabled Adsence Account Solution in Hindi 2018

How to fill the form of Adsense accounts disables due to Invalid Activity. Invalid traffic appeal Form Link : https://support.google.com/adsense/contact/appeal_form In the form, they are some common detail’s which you can fill up. In the form where they will ask you about URL, in these if your account is on youtube, Admob or Website then […]